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We put years of logistics experience and tax knowledge into one convenient platform.

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As an IRS authorized e-filing provider, we put safe, secure, and speedy filing right at your fingertips.

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Say goodbye to waiting by the mail for important documents and dealing with stacks of unnecessary paperwork.

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Not everyone does business in a comfy office, which is why our platform is accessible from anywhere via the web.

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We value your privacy and always encrypt your connection for additional security.

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After filing your 2290 form, you can save your relevant data to make next year's process even easier.

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We'll send a stamped schedule 1 form to your email inbox within 15 minutes of your online submission!

VIN Corrections

Accidentally submitted your VIN incorrectly? We can fix the issue at a reduced rate then send a revised schedule 1 form within minutes.

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Stay on top of your filing progress with free, time-stamped updates from us.

Refile for FREE

On the off chance your 2290 form gets rejected by the IRS, we will refile for free…and keep doing so until approval.

From fuel prices and delivery deadlines to truck maintenance and driver salaries, there are a million things logistics industry professionals need to worry about…

With 2290 Hawk, filing your 2290 form does not have to be one of them.

Our automated e-filing platform was designed specifically to help small businesses like you save time and effort on taxes, while simultaneously avoiding mountains of paperwork and exorbitant accountant fees.

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